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By July 1792 a law was passed making it mandatory for all men to wear the tricolore cocarde.The following year the Societé des Républicaines-Révolutionnaires, a fervently Republican club of middle and lower class women, took to the streets threatening to whip any woman who failed to don the cockade, even though the wearing of them had not been mandated for womena scale insect (Dactylopius coccus) from Mexico and Central America that lives on prickly pear cactus, the female of which are full of red carminic acid.An external box contains a microphone to pick up the sound, converts it from radiowaves into electrical signals (using batteries to power the implant) which are transmitted via an electrode inside the ear to the auditory nerve in the cochlea.A new implant is being developed by a team at the UK's National Physical Laboratory that resembles a comb, with a number of bar-shaped elements (or tines) that vibrate in response to sound.There are two atolls and twenty-seven coral islands in the group.The islands are located in the Indian Ocean, about halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka(English, German f., Italian f., from the Latin cauda, literally 'tail') a closing passage generally added to the end of a composition.The last of these bones is connected to the oval window of the cochlea.Sound-induced vibrations are communicated to fluid in a tube-shaped chamber that is coiled to make 2 and one-half rotations.

In 1789 the tricolore was adopted as a means to declare ones revolutionary sympathies, and later as a national symbol of the new France.Later the term codex was applied to any handwritten book, in particular one produced from Late Antiquity through to the Middle Ages.The scholarly study of manuscripts from the point of view of the bookmaking craft is called codicology.The cochlea is roughly the size of the tip of one's little fingerconventional hearing aids simply amplify sound rather than making it clearer.

Current cochlear implants allow people to listen easily to speech, but not music.

Motions of this fluid cause interior membranes (the tectorial and basilar membranes) to be displaced.