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The factory they used for china wares may well have had a connection with an 1895 date, and if so, they were not perhaps being so duplicitous.Peter (admin) I am researching a tea set (demitasse set). I found in the Kovels' Book that the United States Mc Kinley Tariff Act of 1871 required the county name to be listed on all imports.

The Stolen Valor Act (2005), signed into law in 2006, makes it illegal to buy or sell any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the armed services.American soldiers saved so much of their gear that most US uniform items, helmets and the like are not especially rare and sell for 5 or less.Among the items that can fetch a significantly higher price…===============================The forum moderator says:-Be sure to read this page which will help you how to find out vintage and antique china values.

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An SS officer’s knife may be worth between ,000 and ,000. A Luger from World War II typically is worth 0 to ,000… Most Japanese World War II military souvenirs are not as sought after and thus not as valuable. A Japanese sword from World War II could be worth from a few hundred dollars to many thousands depending on its condition and quality. He specializes in German World War II collectibles.