Enrich data by updating existing records

14-Dec-2017 04:47

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Dev, Test, Prod) The good old Enrich data functionality, which is has the good, the bad and the ugly all in one.

It’s called Enrich the data but what it really means is you can export some records and when you import them it will automatically know which records to update.

Microsoft caused quite a bit of unrest when they released CRM 2013, suddenly making the Advanced find button difficult to find, if you are interested I wrote about that in this post – Good CRM design should not make users think In this post I want to write why I love the advanced find functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I view the CRM Advanced find as an awesome swiss army knife To new users and inexperienced CRM developers it looks like a simple tool to search the records in CRM.

One of the limitations of OData is it doesn’t have a distinct attribute, so there is no way to not retrieve duplicate records.

The query I was interested in doing needed to filter out the duplicates so I did it in Fetch XML.

One important consideration to remember when using the advanced find is it does apply your security profile, so you will only see what records your security profile has privileges to see.

The beauty of advanced find is it can bypass most the GUI and get to the record you want you want with a couple of clicks.

enrich data by updating existing records-47

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I usually use OData queries and the odata query tool.It allows you to select the fields you want to see in the results and filter the query with conditions.You can then save this advanced find query as a personal view The Advanced find is a lot more than just a tool to query CRM because in many situations it can The CRM GUI (website) has lots of functionality for validating and displaying the data.It can also bring back groups of records you want, which is more difficult to do with the front end GUI The great thing is you can save the advanced find into a view so you can repeat the process even quicker next time.

In some projects a CRM developer can be brought into the project in the bug fixing phase.We've put together a spreadsheet giving lots of useful information on how your data should be formatted. Before trying to import anything into Workbooks we strongly advise that you take the time to review your data and to check its quality and accuracy as the old adage of 'rubbish in = rubbish out' is true.

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