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22-Sep-2017 20:02

"I just refuse to pay my savings to a endless pit." Flaherty, 60, says he and his wife will move back to North Carolina, where they can buy a 0,000 home and pay only ,000 a year in property taxes.He pays ,100 in property taxes on his New Jersey home."They will tax anything and everything in this state.

"I love its (New Jersey's) proximity to New York — including visually."I love how it has serious urban communities with real downtowns — Newark, the Oranges, Paterson, Morristown — as well as true rural communities and working farms, all within 30 minutes of each other," he says.That's also part of the appeal for Alison Williams, 28, who has lived in New Jersey since she was 4 years old.How does the average family afford to spend money like this?

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" The temptation to leave Jersey is there for Vince Martorano, as well.Her parents were native Garden Staters, but she was born in Massachusetts.