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15-Dec-2017 20:19

Will the real Jack ever wake up from his coma, and if so what will his doppelgänger—the dangerous Marco—do next?

Here’s Christian Le Blanc (Michael) cradling our director Sally’s new son. It has been such a joy to watch my co-workers meet their future spouses, fall in love, and get married over the years. This next wedding was extra special because two of our co-workers got married to each other!This year was really special because she learned to make this Snickers cake at a cake baking class and then surprised me with it for my birthday.This is especially appropriate to share because tomorrow I turn 29.While there are shows that people talk about at work the next day—Mad Men, Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Veep, among them—few cluster excitedly about The Young and The Restless, or at least few own up to watching the 42-year-old soap opera.

And so we 5.16 million viewers (Y&R is celebrating its biggest audience numbers since 2010) like to hold the show dear as something of a bespoke, private passion.And now, at CBS’s Television City in Hollywood, just opposite The Bold and The Beautiful and down the hall a bit from The Price Is Right, I—a dedicated, very excited fan—am here amid the warren of sets that include the “athletic club” where confrontations take place over glasses of wine, and people are always hooking up in what appears to be Genoa City’s only hotel room.