Whitney duncan stephen barker liles dating

27-Dec-2017 04:35

17 ____, in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, Hannah GARDNER, b. c.1714, (daughter of Cornelius BRIGGS and Ruth BARKER) d. Ref: Darlene Osborne Leggitt's Osborn(e) Ancestry (World Connect Project-Roots Web), comp. GENEALOGIES OF RHODE ISLAND FAMILIES; FROM RHODE ISLAND PERIODICALS, Genealogical Pub. Cpt., in King Phillips War; of Dorchester & Boston. 1678/9, in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, Ruth _____, m.

(2) , in Pembroke, MA, Lucia BRIGGS, (daughter of Joshua BRIGGS and Zerviah DELANO). , Hanover, MA, (daughter of Joseph CURTIS and Mary PALMER).